mjj (flemmings) wrote,

A wintry mix was falling on Rome

Well, will be falling. Is why I biked around all day stocking up, so I can stay in all tomorrow drinking wine and eating ham sandwiches, reading Black Leopard, Red Wolf and not getting out of bed more than I have to, except to salt the sidewalks with the salt I bought today.

Have finished the first Black Company trilogy, only to have vols 2&3 fall apart as I did so. Now I wonder about the rest of the second rank books ie the paperbacks behind the first row of paperbacks in the bedroom. Do I want to/ will I ever reread the whole of the Witch World saga? Michael Moorcock? Fritz Leiber? Suck fairy aside, will they even physically hold up to a reread? I wish I read faster than I do; I wish I had a fireplace where I could skim through these fallen-leaf-brittle books and then toss the pages into the grate.

These downsizing thoughts come courtesy of next door's plans for moving. S-i-l wants to put their house on the market in March, when it will of course sell at once. She thinks the closing will happen in a matter of weeks, which may be how things are done now. Back in the 80s three months was standard. Then off they go to a short term rental somewhere in the Niagara Peninsula, pass the summer at the cottage, and then decide where they want to live. But bro demurs that maybe he's not ready to retire in the spring. Well, if L's plans go as expected, he can stay with me a few months, which would be useful if I'm as housebound in May as I expect to be and as crippled before that. He can at least help me set up my broadband, since I can no longer mooch off theirs.

But this is all best laid plans. S-i-l strained a tendon (she thinks it's a tendon) Thursday night at the opera, reaching to get her glass of wine at the intermission. Certainly that put a hold on her plans to start emptying their basement before Christmas. Reprieve, for the nonce.
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