mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Silver linings

Third weekend in November. Time to turn my neighbourhood into a parking lot for the Santa Claus parade. Time for cars to be parked illegally on both sides of the street. Residents know not to invite Nonna and Nonno for Sunday dinner on this one day of the year, because there's no place for the oldsters' car. I know not to go to any of the neighbourhood coffee shops because they'll be full of families with small kids either warming up before or thawing out after. If you detour one subway stop over you can get across Bloor but beware all the southern streets that lead up to Bloor: they'll be blocked off and full of clueless drivers who discovered that fact too late and are now backing down, heedless of anyone behind them.

Except none of that happened. It's a normal Sunday in the neighbourhood, not many cars, and no zombie families trudging half a mile from where they parked to where they may, possibly, be able to see the parade, if they brought a ladder. I query a clerk up at Loblaws. Apparently, because Bloor is still a hot mess with the sewer upgrades, and possibly because of the new bike lanes, the route is changed for this year. It's now way to the east, well past Yonge St (the city's dividing n-s street) and going down to Front, at one time where the shoreline of the lake was.

So maybe being unable to bicycle Bloor for the last ten months has its consolations. And though the work is pretty much finished and the road repaved, the bike lanes are still blocked off because the decision has been made to raise them flush with the sidewalk. Personally I think it's a bad idea, but we'll see where the snow and debris ends up this winter. Also where the muscle bicyclists go when they have to deal with ancient slowpokes like me puffing along in the lane, now they can no longer zip into and out of traffic at need.
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