mjj (flemmings) wrote,

A cold coming we had of it

Woke at 10 this morning, looked out window, and said 'Thank you, God', because streets and sidewalks were wet but bare even as a thin snow fell. 'Well, if this is the worst of the morning rush hour, I can bike.' And did, blissfully unaware that the storm had arrived later than forecast and this was just the beginning.

It snowed all day and when I came out at 6 the streets were packed down ice and the sidewalks packed down snow. So I walked the bike home. Ah for the days when I used to walk to and from work with no problem at all. I prudently stretched before setting out but that didn't stop my piriformis from curling into a tight aching ball of pain. Is there no cure for lower back pain?

I at least stopped at an infrequently visited Japanese restaurant en route that's been there under various names for at least fifteen years if not longer, and had two glasses of wine as well as quite passable sushi. But it was still a long slog home, even as the bike took most of my weight and kept the knee from protesting too much. Must stretch well tonight, though my experience is that long slogging walks aka exercise actually loosens things up. Whatever. Acupuncture tomorrow, and the rest of the day at home.
Tags: health, place, rl_19

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