mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Momentary triumph

So Thursday evening I was terribly chuffed at how limber I was after my long day in my bikeless state. Friday of course I was crippled even after an acupuncture session and a mere two hours at work. Knees, lower back, elbows, all screaming after I walked the two blocks from home to the store. Gloom doom despair oh what to do?

Today in spite of ongoing aches I had errands to run before tomorrow's rain and Monday's snow, so I pulled the new bike out of the bunker and gingerly climbed aboard. Reasoning that half the problem with it being too small for comfort is my thick-soled boat-shoes, I put on my tinyboots from ten years ago. I can't walk in the things because they're so narrow, and actually getting them on is a struggle for the same reason, but yes: low shoes mean I needn't bend my unbending knees as much, and I did manage to run hither thither and yon without incident. Will say that New Bike's leather-covered handlebars are comforting to the palms, and their lowness is probably easier on the elbows. Still don't feel completely in control of the thing and would never bike after dark on it.

So I accomplished all my To Do list except depositing my paycheque because I'd put it in my copy of The Secret Chapter that I was reading after its arrival yesterday (and thank you very much, G) but removed from the backpack to make space for the library book I had to return. However! At twenty to six I get a text from the bike guy that my bicycle is ready, and not on Monday as he'd said. So I hoofed it over in record time, limberness having suddenly returned, and now I'm horsed again on a smoothly running velo with a new chain. Go me.

Still intend to stay in bed most of tomorrow reading, because of course three library holds all came in at the same time.
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