mjj (flemmings) wrote,

At least tomorrow's Friday

What happens when you take your bike in for servicing because it's going to snow?

1) the snow stays on the rooftops but melts at once on the ground and

2) there's a massive subway shutdown *right* at morning rush hour and you get an 8:30 call to please come in to work because half the staff aren't able to make it, so

3) you have to break in on your poor brother's morning plans to beg a ride because all the city's cabs are servicing the affected area in the east end and

4) none of this would be a problem if only you weren't too chickenshit to ride your new bike on the greasy streets or had bought a proper-sized bike in the first place but you were and you didn't so sucks to be you.
Tags: rl_19

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