mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The north wind doth blow

So in case the rhyme and Environment Canada are alike correct, I took the bike in for servicing today and will cab it until Monday afternoon. Or maybe transit, but the various achies suggest otherwise. And especially if there's any accumulation, luxury is the way to go.

Meanwhile it's *cold* so I put the spare room comforter on the front room bed and shall sleep on top of it, because flannel sheets alone don't cut it in that drafty room. Then pulled out the long-abandoned feather duvet to keep me warm in the side room. Oh, and is it warm! I abandoned it because it was always too heavy when I thrashed around in bed but now I wonder if my strengthening exercises have actually worked enough to let me use it again.

Reading-wise, I finished George Macdonald's At the Back of the North Wind, a 'get it off the shelf' book. Improving literature for children always involves children dying, I wonder why. How glad I am not to be a Victorian.

Currently plodding through Truckers, not as Pratchetty as I like my Pratchetts to be. Doubt I'll read the next two vols, or at least not now. Another Simone St. Claire is on its way from the library because I never learn, as is The Black Company, which may or may not be a bad idea. We shall see.
Tags: pratchett, reading_19, rl_19

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