mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Misspent weekend

Why would I keep vols 2&3 of the Black Company, but not vol. 1? I suppose, she sighs, looking at the two-deep paperback ranks on the eight foot high bedroom bookshelves, it's here somewhere, but maybe I'll wait til the library coughs it up to pursue my bout of 80s nostalgia. (Book of the New Sun, 1982 on Wellesley; The Black Company, 1985 on Brunswick; both very time&place-specific.)

Dunno whose rec led me to put a hold on Simone St.James' The Other Side of Midnight, but I did and I read it this weekend and now I realize I have actually read a romance novel for the first time in my life, unless you count that m/m supernatural thing a while ago. Like that one, the plot was fine but asexual me thought the romance part unnecessary. Life was more fun when I had hormones.
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