mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Possessions weigh the soul

No idea why November is always Touchy Tum month, but it is. Last year I lost two kilos to it; this year, much milder, only a single one. But I'll take what reduction I can get.

In spite of touchiness, when the sun shone today I was moved to move things, and put out the beautiful but very unsatisfactory Mandarin-style wooden chair on the front lawn. As an incentive, I left it with the pretty seat and back cushion, formerly from a wicker chair that unravelled a dozen years ago. Not that the cushion rendered the chair any more comfortable or easy to get out of, but it might disguise the general ungivingness of the thing. Then I added a respectable kitchen chair from the back bunker and a large wheeled suitcase that I have no further use for because I'm incapable of travel, and thus freed up enough space in the bunker to stow my useless new bike so that Old Paint can retake its accustomed place in the living room. One can't leave a poor aged velo out on the porch in the coming snow and precipitation.

And by day's end everything had been taken, hooray! Now if only winter hadn't arrived so early, I might try moving some knick knacks as well.

Though it belatedly occurs to me that if I ever have that surgery and the hopeful two weeks of rehab that follows, I'll need a suitcase suitable to a fortnight's stay at the centre. But I shall burn that bridge when I come to it. It's not as if I don't have other bags stashed away.
Tags: health, rl_19

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