mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Four things make a post

1. Why are there midges flying about outside? It's supposed to snow. Come to that, how did I wind up with two mosquito bites on my left thigh, and a bruising noseeum bite on my right, last week? Die, little insects. Hibernate, fat raccoons. Winter is coming.

2. I want a house with a fireplace. Then I could burn all my credit card statements instead of tediously shredding them. More to the point, as I go through my files and find letters from twenty and thirty years ago, I could burn *them*. Letters should be burnt properly, not shredded as if they were bank statements.

3. Another milestone in the stages of aging: my super-excellent doctor is retiring next February. She's lined up a replacement, which is good since it saves me the trauma of trying to find one whose practice is open to new patients, and lets me keep her super-excellent secretary, the only one I've ever met who books realistically. (Looks daggers at all the specialists' secretaries who book every fifteen minutes for doctors who regularly run 90 minutes late *before they've even started.*) But however good New Doc may be, I very much doubt there'll be the goodness of fit I had with the old, who was cheerful to my Eeyore woes, well-informed, akarui, and infinitely reassuring.

4. Ran into someone I used to work with today, unseen for twenty years or so and now unrecognizable. Her voice has changed, which I consider unfair, because voices and hair are how I recognize people and people are always changing their hair around. So I caught her up with all the current trauma at work and she caught me up with the various other people I haven't seen in almost twenty years, who seem to be doing very well for themselves, go them. But twenty years... that was pre-Saiyuuki, which I can now scarce remember.
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