mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Nature imitating art

Plotting the story Thursday on a happy cicada singing afternoon with a warm sun, I decided to have a typhoon hit Tokyo to bring about some necessary action. Today as I write it is typhooning, in its civil TO fashion, out the windows. Most helpful of the elements. Helps me get the feeling right.

(I wanted to call it pathetic fallacy but of course it's not. And I was quite old before I realized the pathetic part wasn't an opprobrious dismissal. '(sneer) What a pathetic fallacy!')

(And shall I mention how I loathe lj's browse function for user pics, which I always click by accident? The little x that should banish it at once doesn't work and I have to select and enter before it goes away. Why don't they give a list of tags instead?)
Tags: 100demons, lj, rl_06, writing

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