mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Satisfactory Saturday

Failed again to take computer in for same reasons. Not only knee but both elbows had spasming conniptions as soon as I was out of bed, though they'd both been relatively quiet while I was there. A good argument for not getting up in the morning, maybe.

Only then I wouldn't have accomplished all the other stuff I did. To wit:

- prescription for pain meds eventually achieved so I need not ration them

- necessary staples bought in spite of weekend crowds

- load of laundry done and put out to semi-dry on the line. In spite of strong wind, clothes don't dry without sun

- bicycle brakes tightened *finally* and brite front light bought against the newly encroaching dark and the need to bicycle to acupuncture in same next week

- serendipity yard sale had a cane/ bamboo chair for yikes! $10; delivered to my house for another ten. Higher than both current slightly unsatisfactory and highly unsatisfactory chairs. Can now put HU chair out on the boulevard, eventually, when it stops raining, and trust someone will take it as someone took the broken and badly mended china whatnot and the gaudy navy blue and orange cushion I put out today

- unthinking sorting of ancient meds to go to the pharmacy and vacuuming of unspeakable grunge in lower kitchen drawers and tossing of ancient doujinshi into the recycle. Have had three dreams lately of emptying the Madison apartment/ the Nerima dorm, one of which involved taking the stuff *back* to Wherever again. Coworker asks if I'm thinking of moving. Am not, trusting that eventual knee replacement will renew mobility. But if I must move I want at least a decade's head start on the process, so I needn't repeat the trauma of clearing the family home or sorting my Tokyo possessions ever again.

Tomorrow is supposed to pour, so tomorrow I will stay in/ on bed and read.
Tags: dreams, health, rl_19

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