mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Ups and downs

Failed in my major plan for the day, which was to take my two and a half year old laptop a) out of its original unopened box and b) up to the guy who says he can put Windows 7 on it.* This involves taking a taxi, since he's in a transit vacuumish area that requires two subway lines and a bus going in the wrong direction, then crossing a wide street on my slow and unreliable legs. But my inflexible knee was not happy with anything today, especially the prospect of getting in and out of a car. So to exercise it I took the walker to the laundromat to wash my new flannel duvet (huzzah!), a bare five minute walk that took me fifteen. Must work out a grip that doesn't engage the elbows, but I think that requires the same 90° angle that I use when walking the bike. I put my laundry in dryer and walked home, ditched the walker and came back half an hour later on my blessed bicycle.

To discover that someone had removed my clothes from the dryer maybe five minutes into the cycle and dumped them, quite wet, in another one. However the laundromat had been midday empty except for three guys servicing the machines, so I must conclude they needed to service the dryer I was using. Still annoying. Then I went off to be Thursday Fourth Body as ever, and walked into someone's crisis and thus ended up working for pay. And since plague hit the Infant section today, cutting the numbers in half, tomorrow my lunch shift is cancelled and I can sleep in. So generally a win all round.

* Calling the guy in the first place was Tuesday's accomplishment, because I've had the number for two years and not been able to bring myself to do it.
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