mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The workman cometh

And begins with an afterthought request of mine, that perpetually slow and perpetually smelly kitchen drain. Wretched, wretched mistake, as Elizabeth Bennet said.

Now, the downpipe was replaced x many years ago (3,4) by a moonlighting plumber who swore violently at the original iron pipes and substituted plastic for them. B swore mightily at the moonlighter's work. ('They always glue things in so you can't take them apart, I don't know why!') He went to New Canadian for a new drain set which lacked a necessary part; went off to Home Despot for a different drain which- hallelujah!- fitted. (How he went is a mystery, because I don't think he has a car.)

Then he screwed back the porch 2x4s, and warned me that the ceiling was bulging towards the southern edge. His suggestion is that squirrels have or had a hoard there that they forgot about, which seems only too likely. Then he cleared several inches of linden pollen from my eavestroughs, in time for tomorrow's rain.

Lastly he cleaned my kitchen walls with some new preparation that you just spray on and wipe, no water necessary. He told me the name, which I must ask him for again, because it seems the perfect thing for the tile grunge under the fridge and stove.

Then he charged me $165 for the whole five hours' worth. I threw in another $75 because seriously .

I hope he's free come this winter- he implied that work was slowing down after the summer but then someone needs him to prepare a house for selling- because while the kitchen is cleaner than it has been in decades, it still needs repainting.

But the price is definitely right.
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