mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Last of the warmth

Took the walker for its first spin today in briĺiant yellow autumn sunshine. May see if I can get the arms either higher or lower because crotchety elbows still don't like leaning on that height. OTOH there are ways around that which don't involve leaning on the arm rests at all. And either I'm remarkably supple today or the slight steadying influence makes a difference, but the piriformis-ITB-glute muscle that stiffens and cripples me when I'm walking unassisted or with my staff, um, didn't do either, or not nearly to the extent it usually does. So we shall call this a win.

But while walking always helps with weight, it won't do it any time soon, because when I got to the supermarket, there were a bunch of Girl Guides selling their peppermint chocolate autumn cookies. The little women tempted me and I did eat. Yum.

Workman had an emergency Saturday morning and couldn't come. I look at my kitchen empty of knickknacks and bowls and appliances and think how restful it seems. If I could find a place for said clutter, I might well keep it that way.
Tags: food, health, rl_19

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