mjj (flemmings) wrote,

No need to set the phone alarm

I no longer sleep until 10 or 11, because the house next door has begun its renovations, and the thudding whine of drills and the clang bang CRASH of drywall chunks going into the dumpster begins at 9 every morning. But today the drills started before 9 and turned out to be jackhammers ripping up sidewalk down the street, while a large truck blocked access to my block from the south and STOP signs to the north suggested drivers not try going the wrong way down it. This was the day my walker was to be delivered, of course. So I called Highway Robbery North to inform them of the problem, and they said they'd notify the driver, and we agreed that I'd come pick my walker up in person, either via taxi or the kind offices of my bro.

But I was not going to do it today because who knows if they'd got it off the truck in the first place, and if they had, where they'd stored it. I went off to my coffee shop, had a latte, and rolled over to work to be Horrible Thursday's fourth body. And as well, because someone had been double booked again. The consolation in all this was that the blocked block let me get my namagomi out for pickup, though I fully expected the pickup to be in the evening.

Coming home in the 5:30 gloaming (it shouldn't be dark so early but today was a grey day) I found my house locked, when I was sure I'd left it on the latch, and almost stumbled over my walker in the hallway. Seems they'd shown up anyway, after trying to call me at 4:40 on the cell phone I never take out at work (because if I do I forget it) and followed my instructions to ring next door if I happened to be out. S-i-l left it forme and prudently closed the door fully behind her.

The garbage got picked up early too, so all's well that ends well.

Now if only I could find the energy to clear the kitchen of its myriad tchotchkes nd clutter so my handyman can wash the walls on Saturday...
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