mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Last long weekend of the year

Bright sun, blue skies, brave colours: classic Thanksgiving weekend. Accomplished two things on my perennial Get Done list.

First was to make motions towards getting my kitchen walls clean. Some services do respond to requests even on holiday weekends, which surprised me. So I theoretically have a guy coming to give me an estimate sometime. But as I was doing my exercises this morning the doorbell rang. Canvassers, I thought, not gonna limp downstairs for that. Then it rang again, so I had to. And there was a tall guy with a toolbox who turned out to be the handyman from two and a half years ago, whom I was expecting tomorrow and who face-blind and lenseless me didn't recognize at all. So we went over the things I want him to do- the porch roof, the eavestrough, the bathroom sill, the cloggy kitchen sink- some of which he can't until the hardware stores open tomorrow. On a sudden thought I asked if he washes walls. He does. He may not do it as well as a professional cleaner but he's probably cheaper, and I can leave him alone in the house or just trust him with a key. So I'm tempted just to go with that.

The other thing was to finally, finally, buy a walker: the kind that rolls. Went up to Highway Robbery North yesterday and got the top of the line model which a) folds b) sideways and c) has high grips that I don't have to lean my achy elbows on. HRN charges through the nose, but they took 10% off because I was buying and- callhoo callay- there's no sales tax on this kind of health aid. Thus what would have been a heart-stopping sum became quite reasonable. It will be delivered, assembled and one trusts intact, some time Thursday, which I have off. And then I shall walk as I used to, all around the neighbourhood, because I have something to sit on when my damnable hip starts seizing up. And that might even strengthen some of those leg bits that need strengthening and that 6 months of strengthening exercises haven't.

Of course the internal voice whispers about the road to hell, and how bicycling is always easier and faster, but I hope to circumvent my don'wannas in this lovely season. Since to look on leaves in rust, forty days (if we get even that) is not so much, around the Village I will go to see the autumn foliage blow. Especially as my new bicycle is indeed too small for me. I might have managed it a dozen years ago when my joints were more flexible, I might manage it if I didn't wear huge boaty mcboatface shoes, but as it is, getting my leg over the bar is a precarious exercise. Must do it in front because there's no way I stretch enough to do it backwards.

What I failed to do was order cannabis oil online. I'm still antsy about it and would rather use a topical cream just for starts. There's one place that has it, highly rated, but when you register they want you to send them a picture of your photo ID and a photo of you holding your ID, and I still can't get this tablet camera to take a face-on picture of me. There must be some art I'm missing. Phone selfies are no problem (from that point at least, because my phone tends to lose its camera function) but tablet selfies always have me looking down or rolling my eyes to the ceiling like I'm about to faint.
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