mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The best laid plans of mice and men

Can be short-circuited by someone double booking themselves.

Rose from pleasantly drugged sleep at 10:30, did half an hour's stretch and strengthen exercises for stubbornly aching knee (regretting that my free afternoon's acupuncture session got suddenly cancelled last night), brought laundry to basement and started wash so I can put it on the line in this afternoon's 'last for a few days' sunshine, before I go to get my daily coffee and croissant at the cafe and then to look at rollators. Went up to kitchen to weigh myself and saw answering machine blinking. These are usually ghost messages from robots, but I checked, and it was the business coordinator asking could I come in for 12 because the toddler student hadn't shown up, and could I do the afternoon shift because A was double booked to work in preschool. So I gobbled some oatmeal and took my meds and biked over on the tires I hadn't had a chance to repump. And that was my day. The consolation is that I'm now going to be paid for Monday's holiday, which casuals aren't unless they work both days surrounding the holiday.

Otherwise some October funk has kept me from doing anything except crosswords and online time wasting. This is reminiscent of my first fall back from Japan when all I could do was double crostics, and had to flog myself even to get the laundry done. Normally I lke October but I've always had psychological problems with it.

On the other up front, I somehow really overpaid my last gas bill with the result that this month is less than $10, on the strength of which I bumped the thermostat up to 20C this evening in spite of the outside temps being still in the teens. And now I'm too hot. The gas co's flyer is advertising rebates on smart thermostats, and though I loathe the things because you have to bloody program them, that bit about 'adjust temperature from your phone or tablet' sounds very tempting just now. No limping downstairs in the middle of the night- yes, I could get into that.
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