mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Return of the dark wash

Because all my winter clothes are black. But since temperatures still bounce around, and will bounce to 20 tomorrow *they say*, there's still plenty of whites.

Had winter jacket on yesterday and furnace on overnight- low, but enough to make for a warm awakening this morning and a lie-in till 11. Today wasn't as cold as yesterday but the chill creeps back now the sun is gone, so maybe will bump the thermostat back up tonight a tad.

Took sheets and towels to laundromat, had massage, ate fried chicken at Popeye's and need never do that again. People who put chili flakes in their mashed potatoes are not my kind of people.

Front step has come loose again. Concrete patch either couldn't hold out against the rains or got knocked loose by me humping bike down it. I'm convinced this is a portent for continued disaster, eg my new bike when I finally get it will be a bust. But to combat that: have needed new bowls for a while because several of my yard sale/ boulevard bowls have gotten chipped. Alas, I no longer roam the streets where people leave stuff out for passersby. But coming back from the laundry this evening, there was a kind basket of crockery including exactly the right kind of bowl. So now I have an unblemished two more.

Equally, I'm a fan of just one kind of caraway rye bread which is available only at my local super, but they only have it sporadically and haven't had it for months. Today I checked the shelf, as I till do, and there was a single loaf left! They've changed the packaging slightly but not so as to fool a careful glance, and I'd still never seen it in any time since spring, so I am happy. Of course, Fiesta often doesn't put that brand out until close to its best before date, for reasons I don't understand. Once in a very long while you get a fresh loaf, which is heaven, but mostly it's dry, even if there were no loaves out the day before. And that means toast. So I have a toast loaf. And that's fine too. At the very least it's a change from overnight oats for breakfast.
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