mjj (flemmings) wrote,

*Men*, said Jessica

Yesterday's attempts at accomplishment were thwarted by people being people. 'Go to your local BoM branch and you can reset your password there,' I was told. So I did, only to find all the investment officers' offices dark and shut up tight at 11 on a Friday. Maybe they were all out at the Environment Protest march? (bitter laugh) On the main floor the cashiers had long lineups- no surprise- so I couldn't even ask how to make an appointment.

Biked home and then walked over to Bateman's to pick up my bicycle. Did somehow manage the 6 blocks without having to stop and stretch more than twice, which is gain. 'Oh, it's not ready yet,' I'm breezily informed. 'Fifteen or twenty minutes.' Err well, OK, even though there's nowhere to sit down there. Walk around the store, do stretches, watch mechanic work on a bike that isn't mine. Half hour goes by. 'Uhh, how much longer...?' 'Oh, maybe another fifteen or twenty minutes.' Leave without bike. 'We'll call you when it's ready' he says, mildly reproachful, as if I shouldn't have come in on Friday morning just because they said it'd be ready on Friday morning. Did they call yesterday afternoon or today? No. Did however score the rare lime yoghurt from the conveni across the street, and a pair of round 8" baking pans from the boulevard as I made my slow and nostalgic way home along Follis. I like it when people get antsy about Teflon. I get my most useful pots that way.

Anyway, the walking seems to have loosened me up because I woke this morning( (at ten to twelve) from a protracted lie-in almost limber, where I should have been too stabbity to stand up for fifteen minutes. Deep late sleep does that to me, besides giving me dreams of the dc staff going out to dinner at a pricey French restaurant and taking all the babies with us. But it rained heavily all day and the aches and stabbities return, to say nothing of the allergy strangle cough that renders me voiceless and blind from tears. Have doped myself with the Good Stuff and hope for better tomorrows.
Tags: dreams, health, rl_19

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