mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Where the need is sorest, there the help comes soonest

Came home yesterday, saw that someone had shifted the honking big rock on my wobbly step and left an envelope under it. Odd, since I have a proper mailbox attached to the stair rails. Envelope had a message in magic marker: 'Caution, wet cement.' Well, that's nice, though last I heard s-i-l's grandson the mason's apprentice was dying of the same 6 week plague his grandmother fell victim to a month back. Guess he recovered?

This morning I saw that the loose plank in my porch's celing was hanging even lower, evidently forced down by its own weight. Went to mudroom, got Ikea shelf that's been there for 20 odd years, propped it up on porch divider and so pushed plank back up, though I was peppered with unnameable and unspeakable detritus as I did so. People like my s-i-l who don't believe in the concept of 'you never know when it will come in handy' are wrong wrong wrong.

My phone's screen has had a spreading blue stain on its face for the last month. Losing pixels or something, and a clear message from the universe to get a new phone after nearly five years. Wouldn't mind, since phone's browser can't be updated and accesses fewer and fewer websites, while Chrome runs like molasses even though phone is an android. But tonight I turn it on and... stain has shrunk? from 2cm to 1? So all is well for the moment.

Yesterday was peak crippledom, only partly explained by being at work for seven and a half hours while being paid for 90 minutes of same. (I am a martyr. Also I have no life and no resources. If I can't hang out with small people I don't know what to do with myself. This has been the case for ten years, since I stopped writing fanfic, but ten years ago I could at least walk.) Today was equally as warm and muggy and knee was unrelentingly stiff, but I could move about, so I count my blessings. But cancelling my acupuncture Wednesday was a mistake. Without it I bloat like a sponge and everything gets worse thereby.

(Cementer was not in fact grandson but his do-it-yourselfer grandmother, using some cement she just happened to have in the garage. I doubt the longterm stability, but it's at least a fix for now.)
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