mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Let the sun shine in

So today I had the front trees trimmed and in consequence have bought a new mailbox.


Was up betimes and blocked off a parking space at the front of my house and next door's for the chopper truck. But when they showed up promptly at noon, their truck was parked across the street because three car spaces is not big enough, evidently. Well, fine. And they took off the lower limbs of the linden, thus eliminating the umbrella effect over the front yard, and the overhanging branches of the birch, and now nothing hangs over the street or my (sadly dilapidated) porch roof. They accomplished this by means of a very sharp extendacutter and didn't go into the tree at all, which is sad because I kind of wanted to ask them to sweep off the front gutter. I should have asked them to cut off more of the linden where it overhangs the neighbours' yard, but it's nothing like as bad as it was before.

So as I'm watching all this from the porch, our grumpy mailman comes next door and squeezes some envelopes into the small mailslot in my brother's front door. (He's complained to them about it before. A grump, as I say.) 'Anything for me?,' I ask, to save him stepping over. 'I can't deliver mail to you,' he says, handing me flyers anyway. 'Your step is broken. We can't deliver to houses with broken steps. Your mail is up at the post office.' Which one? Oh, the central sorting one near, he says, Black Creek Drive,which is beyond my knowledge. And did anyone tell me my mail was being held for the last two weeks? Naturally not.

My step is not getting fixed in the near future, not with rain every other day and S only available on weekends. So what if I put my mailbox on the railing where you don't have to climb the steps, I ask. Oh that'll do, he says, as long as I can reach it. Well, the mailbox is screwed into the wall and I'm not screwing it out. But $30 gets me a cheap replacement from the hardware store, and I shall tie it to the stair rails, and maybe Grump will bring me my mail again, including those things I ordered on the weekend.

Then I went and jumped through hoops with Hydro to get online access to my account, and fortunately discovered that the bill that wasn't delivered isn't due for another ten days. I don't like online billing, given outages and server woes, but I may have to go for it anyway.

People, she says.
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