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Earlier this year when I did my acrostic puzzles, I kept getting glimpses of Brust's Vlad out the corner of the mental eye, because that's what I was mainlining in January '18 when I was also mainlining acrostics. But now I get glimpses of Severian's Urth because that's what I mainlined in July. Possibly mainlining is not a good thing, or possibly I should give up acrostics when I do.

Cooler and dryer for a bit after that drenched and thunderous weekend. Cicadas sing, cosmos blooms: it's August.

My dryer no longer dries towels in a single go. Washer no longer shuts off hot water when on hot water cycle. After 30+ years I need a new washer and dryer. Oh if only Dovercourt Appliances was still open, because I can bike there, and all other appliance outlets are in the boonies and require a car. (Yes, cabs, but Toronto taxis are stupid expensive. I was shocked at how cheap New York cabs are by comparison.) And one must see the appliance before buying. Our washer at work was bought, sight unseen, on a workman's recommendation. It's a good washer but so deep that anyone under 5'5 (165 cm) has to stand on a milkcrate to reach the clothes at the bottom. And one also needs to check the cycles. Staff bought a new washing machine that only has one timed cycle, of 90 minutes. No thanks.
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