mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Day off

Spent pleasantly doing very little but read on my tablet. And of course I meant to go in and help with Horrible Thursday snack but it was pissing rain and I didn't. Also Horrible Thursday is less so when the kids stay in bevause of rain, and the numbers are down, as they are now, so no guilt at all.

Pasta with egg in it is much more satisfying than regular, but it takes forever to cook to my favoured mushiness. Still I managed a carbonara variant with thick-sliced ham and duck egg, and found that one 'nest' of the egg noodles filled me quite happily. This is good, because the noodles themselves are only 150 calories, bringing dinner in at under 500.

S-i-l invited me over for wine the other day, and I told her about the masons' heart-stopping quote. 'But that's what S is learning to do! (Grandson S) I'm sure he could mend it for you.' S was around this afternoon, and in the course of examining the step lifted it off bodily, not surprisingly. But he seems to think he can cement it back in place, if not actually replace it completely. (People keep wanting to do that, even though the stone is beyond friable.) So now I'm cautiously optimistic, but it will have to be a weekend when it's not raining if that ever happens. Meanwhile there's a large rock from L's garden holding down the broken_off edge, and I need to put a sign up for the letter carrier suggesting caution when stepping on the rest of the stair, since it's no longer attached to anything. Luckily it doesn't rock at all, for however long that lasts.
Tags: food, rl_19

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