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Kefir is lovely stuff, or rather, the flavoured kefir I drink is lovely stuff, thick and creamy and more satisfying than yoghurt. Decided to make overnight oats with it, only plain this time. Oh dear, oh dear. Maybe it's the difference in brand- an impeccable organic one, mind- but it's sour and runny and tastes like the worst salty yoghurt. Have emptied half a tin of coconut milk on the oat mixture in hopes of saving the batch. Responsible consumerism insists I must finish this kefir rather than dumping it, so I hope the coconut does the trick.

I've had this opioid cough syrup for at least two years, and while I'm happy it stops the racking cough and got me out of jury duty, I'm not at all fond of the fuzz and light-headedness it causes. Can't see why anyone would get addicted to the stuff. Took it midweek, now that the bronchial tickle has started again, and half an hour later gradually became aware of a great sense of well-being, causeless for anything I could see. Could it be my cough syrup? It's rather annoying than otherwise, because I don't need further incentive to take something my doctor is so antsy about in the first place, and that I very much need when things get worse than they are now.

I was raised to change my sheets every two weeks, but such cleanliness went by the board long ago. I rely on my sense of smell to tell me when sheets and pillowcases need washing. And of course, since ten months ofthe year I sleep in pyjama equivalents and with my head covered, the bedding can go for a month or more before I notice anything. (The terrycloth sheets I use to wrap my shoulders and arms in do get washed more regularly, though I can't figure why they smell more than the pillowcases do, seeing as I breathe into both.) But this summer is this summer, and I'm back to fortnightly or oftener changes, and very pleasant it is too.

Towels I now change weekly, though it seems an extravagence. But there's no longer heat blowing from the vents to dry them within minutes, as in winter. I am assured that even if the towels don't smell, they're crawling with bacteria. Well, and fine, say I. Bacteria promotes the immune system. But I also don't dry out in the heat from the vents as I brush my teeth post-shower, which in winter means I often need only the slightest of patdowns, so weekly it is.
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