mjj (flemmings) wrote,

So that was the month that was

Utterly forgettable, as ever. Much warmer than June, requiring central AC often enough, with at least two deluges that flooded us at work. Did read all of The Book of the New Sun, which is better than last year's run of Agatha Christies. But otherwise it was just... July.

Today however was an excellent start to August. Yesterday went cool and dry so I slept with just the window fan and woke in cool blueness. Wrapped up in cotton sheets, surrounded by pillows, with my one flannel sheet to keep my arms warm, I had no desire to get out of bed, so turned on my other side and savoured the pleasure of warm feet and not-warm air, and of course fell back asleep for another two hours. A morning well spent, I say.

Of course there was unhappiness when I stepped on the scale. Month's start always sees a kilo gain, which is most dispiriting, and especially when it doesn't come off again. I ascribe this to lack of water intake, because a month ago when I was swigging back litres in an attempt to stop the allergy cough, of course my weight dropped. Must drink more water during the day, and maybe my ankles will unbloat as well.
Tags: health, rl_19

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