mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Yes, I know other people have it worse

My doctor is still MIA, along with her business partner and secretary. Am reliant for my meds on a new ON policy that allows druggists to extend a scrip for one month at discretion. Presumably my doctor's 'afterhours health network' that I am advised to consult, rather than a walk-in clinic, has access to her records and can do the same, but it's a different doctor in a different location every day, which is hardly convenient for the mobility-impaired non-driver. It would be nice to have a heads up notice when someone goes on holiday for more than a week, or at least a change of voice mail message. No, madam, your office is clearly *not* open from 9 to 5 Monday to Thursday. My dentist manages up-to-date messages. Why don't you?

Did finally mail the authorization to have the linden chopped, six pages of bumpf required by the city to trim a city tree. Would have been done a week ago by email if this tablet would let me edit PDFs, which unaccountably it doesn't.

Morning knee crumble and butt spasm continue. Aging still sucks.

Am on tablet, so don't feel like html-ing a reading entry. Have finished Mistress Pat and the homoerotic Magpie Lord, a not bad KJ Charles. Am reading The True Queen, which I like better than Sorceror to the Crown. (But oh! pro publishing for the West has flattened Afrai's style so much.) Will continue Gideon the Ninth and hope it becomes less Hunger Games in time. Not that I've read the Hunger Games, but I get the frisson all the time.
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