mjj (flemmings) wrote,


Dear lord but the allergies are bad this year. Worst since 1969, the unspeakable summer when they began. The constant runny nose, the constant tickle in the throat, the spasmodic unstoppable cough, the earth-shaking sneezes, and of course the ever-aching sinuses. I hope off the shelf Flonase helps some, because otherwise there's only my opioid cough medicine, which only works in double the dose my doctor wants me to take; and if I run out of it too soon, thrre's no way I can get more.

Opioids have everyone running silly, frankly. There's no way I'd use this as a recreational drug: the side-effects are too unpleasant. Sometimes I miss the happy days of laudanum, good for what ails you.
Tags: health, rl_19

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