mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Oh Mary go and put the garbage out

Was leaving work and halfway up the street when I realized that my light and gladsome feeling came from having left my backpack there. So turned round and peddled back and met Neighbour Ike and his dad just leaving. 'Don't take your backpack with you, you won't need it,' I said, that being my convoluted way of explaining why I was returning when I'd just left. Dad looks startled, registers non-existence of pack on my back, and turns back up the stairs himself, having realized he'd forgotten his own backpack. It was that kind of day.

Yesterday I succeeded only in buying new Birkenstocks. Today I managed the task I'd been putting off for weeks, getting my quarterly blood draw. Anti-inflammatories damage the kidneys so my doctor keeps tabs on what mine are doing. Which is fine, but I hate sitting in the lab waiting my turn. Yesterday the place was so full there were people waiting in the corridor, the board said at least a 25 minute wait, and someone was wearing a cheap perfume. Today there was just me and another woman, and the cheap perfume wearer arrived only as I was leaving.

There has been no progress at all on the reading front, but with the arrival of hot weather I think I'll send The Autumn of the Middle Ages back to the library and devote my brainfried self to fantasy novels.
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