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Work is now beyond silly and into crisis mode. Still, I survived an 8:30 to 6 day, go me.

Never leave your glasses on the bed, especially if the frames are brown and the sheet is burgundy. And if you must leave your glasses on the bed, handy for sitting on, at least confine yourself to dollar store glasses and not the $25 semi-dollar store ones. Which I didn't much like anyway.

Of course some a-hole opened fire in City Hall Square when it was unprecedentedly crammed to celebrate the Raptors win. The word of mouth I got from parents at work made it sound much worse than it was- people dead and children crushed and blind panic all around. In the event, four people seriously injured but not life-threatening, and arrests promptly following. Well, shoot in a crowd like that and you may find it hard to run away. But it's still depressing.

S-i-l gave me a book of potato recipes, since she has very narrow views on potatoes. (Baked or roasted, end.) Book instructs me that the proper way to boil potatoes is *not* in chunks, because that makes them soggy, but in their skins. Oh, and test them with a thin skewer, not a fork, for the same reason. Boiling an intact russett potato takes a lot of time, but the results make a perfect mashed potato, so I no longer need to depend on restaurants for my mashed potato fix.
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