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1. Went sockless in sandals today. Sandals kept falling off feet which is odd, because these are the sandals I wear sockless in the mornings when I get breakfast, and they certainly don't fall off my feet then. Maybe feet shrink through the day?

2. FFL comes up with a lovely recipe for something called Eton mess, which is whip cream, sugar soaked strawberries, and broken meringue. Contains a recipe for meringues as well. But 'bake for 90 minutes to 2 hours'? That's an awfully long time.

3. Erranded along the unholy mess that is Bloor St these days. Unholy because construction at ex-Honest Ed's is a 12 hours a day, six days a week affair (running waaaay behind schedule is my guess) that has closed a lane on Bathurst and that spreads either mud or dust depending on weather. It hasn't rained in three days, so it's Sahara sandstorm dust. And then they're replacing Bloor's sewer pipes on the other side of Bathurst, so Bloor is also down to two lanes. However, I found a lightweight jackety thing (pure rayon, probably) that covers most of my arms, to shield me from the hot hot sun at work. The hapi coats of yesteryear are too thick and don't cover my forearms. Wish I could find more lightwight long-sleeved cotton shirts, because those work best.

4. Because it's now humid and I sweat in humidity and I can't get rid of that year-round smell in one underarm (but only one) even with carbolic soap and rubbing alcohol, I broke down and tried deodorant again. Organic only, because commercial makes me sweat more and smells vile. But! The no perfume brand is sticky and, well, has a smell. The Ombra roll-on is perfumed. And the organic aloe vera one is sticky *and* so highly scented it gave me a headache. I mean, being a super smeller means I don't have Alzheimers, which is a blessing, but it does have its drawbacks.

5. Washed flannel duvet at the laundromat and flannel pillowcases here. Out with the warm, in with the cotton. Summer.
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