mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The rain it reigneth every day

When Environ Canada were posting highs of 28C for Friday, I determined to change the flannel duvet cover for a cotton one. Lucky I hate changing duvet covers, because they're forecasting considerably less now. The lows for the next two nights are what I usually turn the heat on for and my house is still freezing. Was in fact colder than the outside when I left this morning, but not when I came home, because temps actually fell during the afternoon. Maybe if the sun shines as it's supposed to tomorrow, we'll have that promised warmth. Certainly Monday was quite hot in the yard, even if it never made 17C all day.

But in all events, what happiness to come home to a hot shower and afterwards climb all cozy into the flannel and wool nest of my bed.

New experience of the day was a Beyond Burger at the local pub, which has alas taken their Murphy's stew off the menu under the misapprehension that it's now summer. (It's not the stew I miss so much as their mashed potatoes, or at least, their mash *and* stew. Perfect cold weather eating.) The Beyond isn't half bad and doesn't leave me with the queasiness that real hamburger does. True, it doesn't have that much flavour either, but then neither do hamburger chain burgers. Once you've got the fixings on, who cares anyway?

I could do the Wednesday meme, but nothing has changed. Finished The Castle of Otranto, the first Gothic and highly silly with it. Am still on Connolly and Huizinga and A Madness of Angels and a few pages of Japanese a day, and can't think beyond them to what I'll read next.
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