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Still cold enough, but I've turned the furnace down overnight because the days still warm up. Result is I'm cold here in my house dress and will sleep tonight in double or triple layers of clothes, under a flannel duvet cover and wool blanket, surrounded by beanbags ie the way I always used to sleep in winter with the thermostat at 20C.

Accomplishment today was to sort out the diaper and food garbage bins. Or bin: the one that people couldn't decide was it for kitchen scraps or disposible diapers. This involved removing three bags of diapers from the top layer. (Bin was labelled 'food waste'. You tell me why people put their diapers there.) Then the fun part: ladling great quantities of decomposing quinoa, rice, fruit rinds, vegetable parings etc into new plastic bags (because the old ones were ripped apart by squirrels); then removing the bagged diapers underneath the food and rinsing the liquid garbage off them; then putting the new heavy my god rotting food is HEAVY food bags into the proper food bin and the rinsed diaper bags into the proper diaper bin. (And the diaper bags still smell of rotting food. I hope the recycle people will take them.) And finally I cleaned the last of the food waste and the murky liquid from the bottom of the disputed bin, washed it out and turned it upside down and left it outside the garbage area entirely so no one will be tempted to use it again.

The two kitchen bins are now (again) labelled FOOD ONLY. The one diaper bin is now (again) labelled DIAPERS ONLY. I can only pray the afterhours cleanup person will stop putting food where it doesn't belong and *will* put the cinderblocks on top of the green bins so that the wildlife stays out of them. This also involves not piling all the food into a single bin so that the lid won't even close, while the second remains completely empty. One of the newer staff remarked wryly today, 'This place runs on passive aggression.' So much so that even the outside contract firm has caught it, evidently.
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