mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Varia, and Thursday reading

I konmari'd my tops and t-shirt drawer the other day. Not sure if this will stick. It looks nice enough, but the refolding and rerolling when you pick a top that clashes with your trousers is a pain.

It's possible that tonight I won't have to turn the heat on, but I'll still have to bundle up well. As ever, temps are set to drop again the next five days, and some lucky folk will get snow.

Accomplished one item on my feet-dragging list. Took bike to store and asked about tune-ups. "Leave it today and you'll have it back in a week." Yes, well. Next step: check out new bikes, as I've intended to since last fall. Foot-dragging on this is a luxury. In the past I've always had to buy a new bike because the old one was stolen. Maybe being bikeless for a week will give the same impetus.

Aliette de Bodard, In the Vanishers' Palace
-- not as political as her others, hence more congenial to me. But that oddly glassy surface impression is the same, the arm's distance feeling.

Ima Ichiko, 100 Demons 27
-- very satisfying in the usual Hyakki Yakki fashion of taking me elsewhere. We haven't finished with these unheimlich cousins of the Iijimas, but anything that keeps her writing in her old age is to be encouraged. As she says in the afterword, "Ritsu has been an undergraduate for twenty years!" Which I think is wrong. Surely the late 90s tanks had him a high school student.

And now?
Keri Hulme, The Bone People
-- from Mt TBR. I know nothing about this beyond the fact that it's set in New Zealand and I'm not spoiling myself for it at all, even by reading the blurb. It's intriguing enough so far that I intend to remain ignorant.

Ima Ichiko, Phantom Moon Bower 5
-- never as congenial as the Ritsu-tachi. Plots more convoluted, language more opaque, charas more unlikable. Still, it's Ima Ichiko.

Rachel Hartman, Seraphina
-- totally come by chance find on the FFL, but obviously the book I've been waiting for all my life. Dragons that think differently from people, kind of like Vulcans. Am reading e-copy on the tablet but from the seeming size of the thing, maybe should get in hardcover from the library.

Intend to get a few manga off the shelf. May start with the Patarillo mangaka's other series, Rajan!. Or may read back copies of 100 Demons, of which I retain few memories.
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