mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Spring arrives with resounding sneezes

The current state of the me may be indicated by the fact that the latest Hundred Demons arrived on Tuesday and is still in its mailing envelope. This is mostly because I think I can't read Japanese anymore and am afraid of being proved right.

However I made up for some of my feet-dragging today by housecleaning and putting in a new shower curtain and weeding a little in the hall closet. Discovered my suitcase was full of discarded control-top underwear from my hernia days in the early oughties. Have added them to the bag of cloth to be taken to the recyclers since I seem to recall that the menopause weight shift rendered them unwearable, even though I weigh thirty-plus pounds less than I did then. OTOH I spent the day in a pullover from the 80s, just to demonstrate that thirty pounds less is still thirty pounds so long as it's not near the abdomen.

My net surfing turned up a method of journalling- paper journalling- that the writer swears takes no more than a few minutes. You divide the blank page of a notebook into four squares. In the first you write five things you saw that day, in the second five things you did, in the third one thing you heard (more, I suppose, if that's your forte), and in the fourth you do a quick sketch of any of these. Possibly when you're used to this it takes minutes but I had to rack my brains to find five sights of note, and in my now cloistered weekends, even one thing heard. I'm not even going to try sketching. But this may give me something to hook memories onto, different from the bland monotony ofmy daily routine.
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