mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Today's argh

My professional association is a joke, and not funny at all. They want money every year for for doing nothing. They don't advocate for daycare workers. They 'oversee professionally' meaning they fine and suspend for ridiculous infractions if someone complains. (We got dinged once for letting five year olds handle toothpicks in a supervised art activity where they glued them to paper.) And their attempts at technology are- laughable isn't the word. Infuriating past the howling point.

I receive an email telling me to renew my membership. Here is a link to the form to renew online. "Your username is your email address." I go to page and enter my email address. Error message: "We could not find your information in our system." Then how in bloody blazes did you just send me a renewal email, you clots? This is taking the right hand not knowing what the left hand doth to exceptional depths.

How lucky my printer is talking to my desktop again. Print out and write a cheque. Old ways are ever the best ways.
Tags: rl_19, techy

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