mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Seasonal observation

It is not the Autumn Preview when you leave your windows open at night and the window fans on to draw in the air. Real Autumn Preview involves closing the windows and wearing longsleeved sleepwear and in wimpier days before global warming, turning on the heat. I did none of those last night, though I did sleep under the heavier duvet that's been bundled in a corner of the bed since June. So it's not really the Autumn Preview, which is also cloudy and baroque during its few cicada days of existence in early August. (Parenthetically, the cicada do sing during them, especially when the sun shines.) OTOH when the high today is the low of ten days ago and at 9 am it's only 15C/ 60F, I'll live with it.

(What hasn't changed is that the Autumn Preview kickstarts the August allergies. I have no idea why.)

Iwase Books comes through with my new subscription to ZS. Copies sooon, but not this month because this is of course the issue without a Saiyuuki ep. And back in the middle ages when I got a subscription to GFantasy from a local store that IIRC took eight months or so to take effect, my first issue was her last before the move to ZS. I shall still try ordering WARD through Kinokuniya, on the principle of third time lucky, praying it isn't Three strikes and you're out.
Tags: rl, rl_06, saiyuki

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