mjj (flemmings) wrote,

When I come home the house is dark

Also freezing, and not merely because I turned the thermostat way down when I left today. Hydro One is silent as the grave about any outage currently affecting Seaton Village, but my bro texts me that power's been off since 3:30 in the area. Warns that Bathurst traffic lights might not work but in fact they did, as did the stores along Bathurst itself, which is why I had no notion until I got here. So lit candles and wrapped up in wool blankets and read on my tablet until there was a mysterious BEEP from somewhere in the house. Tried the light and it turned on, so yay, a mere four hours of inexplicable blackout. OTOH when I reset my answering machine, it had stopped at 1:30, so who knows? Hydro One is still opaque on the subject.

(The BEEP was my computer turning itself on which it shouldn't have, but it grows old and as erratic as its owner.)

Otherwise I managed to get the blood test I was supposed to this month, and at last saw the dentist about a cleaning that was due in January. Thus two foot-dragging things off the agenda so I can concentrate on the third, getting tax stuff for the accountant.
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