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For fifteen years our workplace has been a block up from a fraternity. This year we had our front window broken on St Patrick's Day. I hope we shall have another fifteen years of peace hereafter.

Cold sunny March days, enspiriting and invigorating. Or would be if tree budding allergies weren't in full force. Sneezes, itchy eyes, scratchy throat, and voice-strangling post nasal drip. Have OTC cough syrup in place of opioid prescription stuff but am afraid to take it, since it contains Benedryl, the substance from which no man wakes even when awake. Will try some night when I needn't be up before noon next day, meaning evidently Friday next.

Given that I did nothing this weekend but bike to mycoffeeshop on Saturday and walk two blocks to the super on Sunday, the aches were ferocious. My elbows woke me several times last night and knees wouldn't take my weight today. Shall try hot bath and possibly a different mattress tonight since some of the elbow tsuris certainly comes from side sleeping.

But am reminded what an old friend said when she called on Saturday and updated me on the happenings in the last fifteen years since we last spoke. She's been teaching in Chicago and her two daughters are in college now and her book got finished and is at the printer's and all is ticketyboo except she *did* have breast cancer seven years ago and the meds she was on for five years after that made her joints ache so it was a relief when she had a minor stroke and they took her off them and everything stopped hurting and dear god I think I have it tough. Just goes to show.
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