mjj (flemmings) wrote,

She returns

I suppose there's a reason why, in this winter of Alberta Clippers (a weather pattern associated with cold fronts and high winds that knock down trees etc), we should have had an air quality alert this morning because pollution was building up under a stagnant air mass, an effect usually associated with warm weather. It was certainly happening, because my throat was sore and raw, but it's been that for several days. Allergies, even in the January type temps (highs of -9C lows of -15), that current antihistamines don't even touch.

Well, the air pollution has blown away now. My windows are rattling in the 25 mph wind gusts that accompany the approach of, what else, freezing rain.

This week was distinguished by an inability to stay awake, falling asleep early in the evening, waking only to take a lens out, and going back for another eight or nine hours. Either medication or an incipient something. Came back from physio today, went into front room to read, fell asleep for at a guess four hours. This is not the night for a late bedtime, but the antihistamines might see to that too. At least there was enough melt and sun that I got my erranding done on bikeback, and have money and meds and Pepsi at need against tomorrow's 'wintry mix'.
Tags: health, rl_19

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