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1. Lost one of my excellent bright pink gloves on the weekend. Dollar store specials, but that dollar store closed a year ago, and I discover that all my other dollar store gloves are nowhere near warm enough.

2. A discussion online led me to order a pillow from Ikea billed as 'firm'. It arrived yesterday, rolled up in a way that does not bode well for firmness, and is both flat as a pancake and limp as a noodle. The label says 'firmer' which strikes me as a piece of legalese ass-covering. Certainly it's firmer than a jellyfish, but most things are.

3. Had acupuncture yesterday, told myself not to be a wimp but take transit rather than calling a cab, as has become my extravagent wont. Streets dry, wind calm, certainly I can walk to the station. So allowed myself an hour for two subway stops over and the equivalentof three down, and even caught a non-existent Christie bus to the station. Got to Dufferin and waited for a bus. And waited. And waited. And consulted the app,that said a bus would be along in 19 minutes. So had to cab it anyway, at only $5 less than a cab from home would have cost.

4. Snow today, 6-8 inches. Fluffy because the temps are cold, but going to become slippery sodden in the warmer days to come: and then more snow on Saturday.

The Man in the Queue
-- while I hate Josephine Tey and all her works, I wanted a cozy English mystery, and this one was only mildly racist. Dago, forsooth. And anyway, Baker was completely wrong about everything including the underhanded Latinness of the murder. We'll say nothing about his light-hearted tampering with the chain of evidence because that notion doesn't even exist in his world.

And now?
--comfort reread of The Armor of Light, which turns out to have more depth every time I read it.

-- no idea. There are a couple of doorstoppers I could start if winter continues to keep me housebound, but if it does I'm probably only going to want pablum reading.
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