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The barbarians failed to materialize, or rather, they weren't as devastating as forecast, and thereby justified my s-i-l's cheerful "Oh, 60 mph mph winds are nothing." In any case, no big branches came down that I can see (though today's transit kept me to main streets: it might have been a different story were I biking the side roads) and TO seems to have avoided major power outages. The winds were still strong and gusty when I went to work early afternoon, but had thankfully dropped to bearable when I came home.

The narcolepsy of yesterday, or at any rate odd susceptibility to antihistamines, continued this morning, because I drifted off briefly around 10 after at least nine hours sleep last night. Some of this is psychological. If I start falling asleep with the lights on and my lens in, my mind says 'Oh, this is just a nap' and doesn't resist. If I get all ready for bed, heat up beanbags and put in night guard and take out lens, some resistance kicks in and it takes hours to fall asleep. Which is why I slept with, frankly, a rather annoying table lamp on until 4 am this morning.

However, for the moment we're not under threat of anything weatherwise, and the unremitting owies of the weekend have remitted. For which, trust me, I am grateful. I stayed in bed partly because everything hurt less when I was there (and there was nowhere to go in the ice and wind) but there's only so much one can accomplish horizontally.
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