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1. Meds prescription was filled over the phone. Have not forgotten the time my doctor didn't refill it- possibly last year, in this very achy month of February- so grand relief all round. Now I can take my normal doses again and maybe hurt a bit less.

2. Mild after Wednesday's freezing rain so I could use bike to get to store and buy more salt.

3. Store had more salt: places have been running out because of unprecedented demand, also three month strike last year at the salt works.

4. Maybe thanks to bike, or meds, or mild weather, I now feel a lot better than I have any time this week. Given that I only worked three days out of five, what with a holiday Monday and Thursday off, the degree of my 'Let's stay in bed until spring' was astounding. Yesterday I wound up doing just that. Because yesterday I forgot my Presto card in my other coat's pocket and thus walked rather more than I wanted to in order to accomplish necessary erranding, while back and knees bit ferociously. Had lunch at my old Japanese restaurant, and innards had fits and cows in response. So dosed me and showered and took to my bed and napped for three hours; then got up, took out lens, dosed me some more and went back to sleep for another twelve, utterlu incapable of dealing with that sink full of dishes and that stack of laundry waiting since Monday.

5. Fingers very much crossed, that while they're calling for hurricane winds on Sunday and snow squalls the rest of the week, no one has said anything about freezing rain. After three bouts of it in the last three weeks, this is piteously welcome. The snow berms from a month ago still haven't melted from the streets; when they're gone, I'll know spring has arrived.
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