mjj (flemmings) wrote,

If all the year were playing holidays

Started yawning at 9 something last night. Aw c'mon, I'm not going to sleep before ten on a night when I've had a Pepsi, surely? Did. And woke up after nearly twelve hours of sweet sweet sleep.

Had appointment at Spadina and Bloor. Dropped into the super there to see if they had Ovaltine. They didn't. But, thought I, it's a nice sunny day at last and the Bloor sidewalks are clear, I could surely walk to that little conveni past Bathurst that sometimes does, and get the subway from there? Did, and scored my Ovaltine at last. Then thought, keep on walking and you can deposit your pay cheque finally. Did, and then walked on to the Christie subway station, where the next bus was due in twenty minutes. Bref, I ended up walking home. And yes my back hurt, and my knee as well because this is an achy week, but hey, exercise. And my physio is of the opinion that my piriformis pain isn't, that it's a reaction to weakness somewhere else entirely. Which would certainly explain why eighteen months of stretching has failed to get rid of it.

The side street sidewalks are an icy messy mess still. I walked from Christie to my street singing a very rude song about the Baptists and their lack of Christian consideration, but now feel better after a hot bath and muscle relaxants. Oh for money and freedom, to lounge about on sofas and revel in hot water and sleep as much as one wants. Yes of course I'd tire of it in short order but it's very nice for the three days of this grateful long weekend.
Tags: health, place, rl_19

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