mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Misery misery misery me

The snow that was supposed to fall last night to cover up yesterday afternoon and evening's freezing rain didn't fall. Instead it kept on freezing rain overnight, so this morning at Horrible O'clock I came out to two inches of sheer ice on the steps I'd salted before going to bed. At least the base layer of salt let me remove enough ice to get down the stairs and do my poor best for the sidewalk.

Then temps rose midday and turned the combined snow and sleet of yesterday into great tidal pools at all corners, and my waterproof Warm Toes boots became damp inside. Have desalted them tonight and shall dubbin them tomorrow, since Camp Dry waterproofing clearly doesn't work. And it's supposed to rain on Friday.

At least this is a long weekend.

Also making me happy is the discovery that cooking sausages in the oven in my iron frypan a) cooks them through, which I'm never sure of when cooking them on the stovetop and b) doesn't splash grease all over everything, as always happens when cooking them on the stovetop. Had bangers and mash for dinner yesterday and it was exactly what I wanted on a nasty winter day. Doubtless weighs in at far too many calories: but maybe not if I keep shovelling snow and chopping ice.

The Merlin Conspiracy and Finn Family Moomintroll, both rereads and both containing material I'd utterly forgotten or, in the case of Moomintroll, thought I'd read in another book.

Reading now?
Deep Secret and Tales from Moominvalley, because I have no ambition. Though I do remember rather more of Deep Secret than its sequel, and care for it rather less.

Kai Ashante Wilson, The Sorceror of the Wildeeps, on my tablet. Reading for the promise of dialect, actually; we'll see how that turns out.

Depends on the weather. I feel the desire to take to my bed with half a dozen Dick Francises, easy comfort reading.
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