mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The way she used to feel?

In this phase of what an inspired someone called our 'bipolar vortex,' the streets are full of melting brown slush and the sidewalks are, well, ditto, from people scrambling over the crumbling snow banks or never having shovelled their sidewalks in the first place. But yesterday I hacked a few icefloes from various patches up & down the street, though nothing like in the old days, then flailed and scrambled my way to my old coffee shop for a much missed latte. There's a new coffee place much closer, but their lattes are too strong and they don't have white sugar, while their scones are both calorific and to die for. Thus best avoided.

Today the temps were even higher, and when I went out with my ice chopper I discovered that the Baptists, a bit late in the day, had carved a path through the bumpy snow that has blocked half the street for the last week. So I turned around, fetched my bike, and walked it to Fiesta for abag of salt against next week's promised freezing rain. Not for me: I have half a bag of salt still ('doesn't harm grass or concrete' or, alas, ice itself much, but next door has the heavy duty stuff as well.) No, this is for work, because my nemesis used the bag and a half the uni gave us to rid her section's playground of its ice *before* the last storm, leaving none for the front and back steps where she doesn't go. Whenever I ask the uni for more, I'm cautioned that it's very concentrated and to use it sparingly. This time I didn't have the face to ask for another bag five days after they gave us a full one. Someone else has purportedly called instead, but the uni has pointedly ignored the request. So I shall cab this in tomorrow (have been cabbing this winter as if money grew on trees) and hide it in a very good place indeed. Probably our section's stroller shed, which requires a key to get in.

So a load off my mind and a sense of accomplishment. Otherwise have only the usual dishes and laundry to show for the weekend, but I *did* flip the mattress and under mattress, and changed the sheet, which for me and my elbows counts as a major task finished.
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