mjj (flemmings) wrote,

I slept last night in a good hotel

ie my front bedroom for the first time in five months. Maybe I was tired of my musty flannel burrow? Pulled out what I thought was my feather duvet from the closet, but it was the queen size summer one, polyester inside what feels like a paper cover. The one I keep thinking I should give away, with its cotton cover, because I never use it. But it worked a treat last night, warm and light and large. I woke to the smell of beef stew, because I'd made some in the crockpot overnight. Which is not yer average morning smell, like bacon or toast or coffee, but will do. And on parting the curtains discovered that a blessed Someone had shovelled the five inches or so that fell last night after I'd shovelled the six inches from yesterday. Blessed blessed Someone: not only my sidewalk but the walkway as well. And they'd been busy up and down the street so that most places were passable. (Not Mr Monster-house-wannabe, of course, sniff.)

After that it was the usual horrible aftermath of snowdump and snowplows: sliding mountains at all street corners with crumbling narrow footpaths made over them by the young intrepid types. Slipped on one of these trying to get to the streetcar after work, even in grippers with my staff, but a nice young woman gave me a firm hand over the crest and a nice young man offered to help me cross. Age has its perks, though I'd prefer to still have bendy knees that could deal on their own. As my sister said, "I know it’s been worse weather, but I was in better shape to handle it." Am a bit kerblonxed that the last time we had worse weather (or at any rate, just as bad) was a mere/ whole five years ago, when I clomped around on ice grippers for three months and my back didn't hurt me at all.

However, after two months of doing knee exercises which AFAICS do nothing to strengthen my knees- certainly, there are days I can't even get up from the couch- I notice odd new dips and bulges that make my knee look almost like other people's, which must be muscle definition. This from merely pressing down and straightening seems odd, but I suppose there's a reason everyone gives you those same exercises to do. The last time I had a knee strengthening regime, nearly forty years ago in preparation for bike touring, it involved lifting weights with my ankles. Those were the days...
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