mjj (flemmings) wrote,

More misc.

1. Ran into my brother on the way to work Friday (yes, we live next door to each other but it Doesn't Work Like That) who asked what I wanted for my birthday. I answered honestly: what I really want is my s-i-l's meatloaf and one of her pies. So that's what I had for dinner last night, along with mashed potatoes which I love and she doesn't.

And she sent me home with the remnants of the pie so I got to have pie for breakfast. Yum.

2. Finished The Purgatorio, finally, though the last cantos with Boring Beatrice nagging Dante for missing Vergil were a tough slog.

3. Massage studio last weekend happened to have a foam roller for sale, so I bought it and have been doing my quad strengthening exercises with it. Massage therapist this week reports my quads being very tense. I don't think it's supposed to work that way. Theoretically I could use the roller to stretch my quads, but it's a 6" diameter, which is too high for me to comfortably rest on my arms with. Online ads never give you the diameter of these things, just the length, so I'm left thinking 6" is standard, alas. Shall have recourse to my tennis ball instead.

4. It's -7C out there, all vegetation is dead, and my ears and throat are having allergy itches, which is both puzzling and annoying.
Tags: food, health, reading_19, rl_19

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