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1. I didn't drink for eight or nine days after Christmas, mostly because the Christmas drinking upset my innards. Then I went back to work, and by the end of the second day it was 'ohh everything hurts ohh tylenol doesn't work ohh I need a glass of wine.' So I had a glass of wine. And my insides take great exception to it. This is going to make life interesting for the next few snowy months- though to be fair, I was aching already even before I started plowing home in the slush. Maybe I need to focus on posture more at work. And breathing, says my physio.

2. On the up side, physio says bicycling has kept my knee flexion better than expected, though of course it doesn't feel like it. Must also remember to flex knees periodically at work, because they stiffen up with all the standing I do.

3. Another one bites the dust. Ten Editions, the used bookstore at Spadina and Sussex, had a line-up in front of it last weekend and people carrying boxes out to vans. Friendly type in line said they were closing and giving their books away. University has bought the building and will turn it into student residences. Ten Editions was an archetypal bookstore: long and cavernous, floor to ceiling books, with ladders that moved along rails to get to the top reaches. Full of treasures if you were in the mood for obscure authors from the 30s, for instance, or oddities of religion or travel. Not as much a treasure trove as Eliot's books of blessed memory, but Eliot's had three floors to be trovey in and Ten Editions only had the one.

4. Also in the 'destroy my past' dep't, the Second Cup at Bloor and Lippincott closed yesterday after more than twenty years in the location, and with no announcement at all. It was pure chance that I went there yesterday and heard the staff talking to customers. And that one I will miss: it has memories of reading Saiyuki manga in the winter of 2000, and various BL for the Aesthe page in the years following, and Mary Russells in the summer of 2011, and much more that I've forgotten.

5. Dreamed I was in a Japanese hotel/ school/ college and had forgotten my backpack and my hiking staff in one of the classrooms/ teacher's offices down a side corridor; the walls of the room itself were ramshackle wood with cracks between the boards, and getting back to it took me through carpeted lobbies with flowers and corridors with cafe tables and students, and an outside walkway in December sun and blue sky, but in the end I got to the room and discovered my backpack was still there, and of the relief, the happiness!
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