mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Laeti triumphantes

Or laeta triumphans, since there's only one of me. BUT:

Work over until a week Wednesday.

Postal strike not only over but caught up, so:

Lies Sleeping in the mailbox today. (Along with your Christmas card, G, and thank you for both.)

Aya de Yopoungo 4&5 in at the library.

That's me sorted for at least the next week.

And while we speak of an embarras de richesses, my duvet people have said oh g'wan, keep the other duvet as well. So I have two flannel duvets I'm not mad about, but economy says oh hell might as well use at least one of them. So... I suppose I might as well use at least one and give the other to the Diabetes or CP people.
Tags: rivers, rl_18, xmas

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