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1. Sun and dry.

2. Plague at work has thinned the ranks of tinies so I had yesterday off. Am sorry for the feverish tinies and their desperate parents, but a sunny holiday is nice.

3. Went back to the Evil Empire of Walmart and got a 4x tshirt. Still not as long and roomy as my first one, but covers what needs to be covered ie I can answer the door in it, which I can't in my usual sleep shirts.

Also bought a pair of 3X pants, floppy cotton-nylon blend. And must take them back because in pants, 3X is enormous on me. Sizing- the mystery of the universe.

4. Alas and alack, staff and parents have been bringing in Christmas cookies. The chocolates I can resist, but I never met a sugar cookie I didn't like.

5. The RoFo gov't stiffed us casual staff of our salary supplement for December, but work still rustled up a $100 bonus, which helps.

Last finished?
Aya de Yopougon, in French, the further BD adventures of level-headed Aya from the Cote d'Ivoire and her Peyton Place friends and family. I mean, all the men in the town are skanks of the first water but that's just (shrug) the way it is, says the author in an afterword. And the women all band together to name and shame eg the husband who proposes to take a second wife the same age as his daughter. Does rather remind me of those French films where, actually, all the men are skanks and the women name and shame on their own, unless they take the route of being even skankier. Could it be something in the language, she wonders.

Whispers Underground, which clarifies a few things.

Reading now?
Very intermittently, The Purgatorio, which now has a rubber band around it to hold the cover in place after it's rattled about my backpack for weeks.

Broken Homes, which has now reached the utter confusion of Skygarden. Googling helped, in that I now have a notion of what a Stadtkrone is, but I still can't envision the walkways and exits of Skygarden at all. Am not looking forward to the last half of this book at all.

Next up?
Given that Aya makes me feel vaguely oogey for no good reason, I'm not sure why I ordered the next two of the series from the library. Possibly to see what happens next in its soap operaish plot.

Shall start The Mortal Word once done with Aaronovitch, and possibly reread The Lost Plot just to refresh me on female dragons.

Baudino still waits for my week off as well.
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